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Is it possible to make Ai push to the back ? Hum… I don’t think !

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Yesterday, I watch the Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~.

So I’m gonna do a long review about this concert =) Here we go ! (With the voice of Mario Bros :D)

Resonant Blue – All

Great start with their new single. I like the intro before the member appear two by two, except for Aika who is alone because they’re nine member ! So, I got nothing really to say about this song, It’s cool and great. Unlike the PV, we got to see each member. That is great !

Costume rate: 3/5 Like it but too much white and black. And Ai, Reina and Koharu have black t-shirt and not the other. Oh and Aika is all white, Is it because she’s an angel ? =)

Onna Ni Sachi Are – All

I really like this song live. It’s sound as good as the real song. But it’s weird with the white and black costume. The original costume make the dance look so much cooler !

Hair’s style rate (Aika turn): 1/5 I really dislike her hair like that. It’s like… push to the back ! Please Mittsi, let’s your hair be long like before ! You were so much cuter ! ❤ But you’re cute anyways !

Egao Yes Nude – All

Great song, but I miss Yossie and her cool attitude in this song ! (In many song but this one in particulary.) Eri’s making a good job with your line, but she doesn’t have the attitude ! But, she’s ok. Oh and the costume is not made for that song. It’s too big ! Their skirt is like flying everywhere O_o (I don’t know how to explain it !)

Comment on the song that’s suppose to be interesting: I don’t really like Junjun, but she’s really cool when she’s doing the « ah » part. Make me love her a little bit more.

Iroppoi Jirettai – All

Love this song ! The dance is so cool ! It’s seem like a hard dance, but I wanna make a try someday !This song is one of the first I heard from morning Musume. Watching the Pv, I was thinking that this song was like fire… Powerful and shining.  ❤

Costume rate: 4.5/5 Great costume. I really like them. Another color would’ve make them perfect !

Comment on the song that’s suppose to be interesting: Hey Junjun ! We doesn’t see your face ! Oh, it’s ok. I don’t really like you so much. But I wanna see your face ! If you want me to love you, show me your face ! And Linlin, you’re so cool ! Oh, and another thing. When will they be separated ? -.-

What is THAT Reina ? What’s on your arm ? It’s so ugly ! I don’t know if you decide to put like « accessory » or you’ve been attacked by alien that wanna do clone of you by picking your DNA (ADN in french. What is it in english ?) Don’t know, but it’s torturing me the whole concert !

Osaka Koi no Uta – All

This song was a great performance, except for the Yossie Dialect that was made by Aika. I love her, but this was like too fast (May be it’s was make to be more fast but… >_<). But you’re expression, too cute and cool at the time. Love you ❤

Linlin, you’re great. I want you to shine more ! You’re so energic and genki all the time !

MC – All

I don’t speak of the MC usually, but this one was funny. Ai ask something about Souda ! We’re alive. Risa speak in first. She’s saying something about Kaori. After, it’s Reina’s turn. She’s talking about Ishikawa-san C’mon in the song and she’s doing it. Too funny !

But the horrible thing on your arm make me forget that you were funny… -.-

Kanashimi Twilight – All

Love this song. So kakkoi ! I love it at first hear. But Reina, you can’t take the place of Miki. Miki have a beautiful, strong voice but you… It’s so high ! Miki’s voice is so deep and cool… Unlike you ! But, yeah. Good try. But you will never be able to pawn this line like her ! Oh and Aika, you just rock ! I love your solo line ❤

Oh, Eri’s turn. You make a better job than Reina on Miki’s line ! Yeah, you’re great. You should have take Reina’s place in this song ! But Risa would have be better to take Miki’s line. Oh and Linlin, you look weird on this. ( In think it’s her.)

Oh, now it’s Takkity’s turn to take Yossie’s line. I wanna say. You can put all the effort you want, you will never be able to replace Yossie. Like a leader or in taking Yossie’s line. She was really more kakkoi and great than you. You can try to put all your feeling and emotion, you can’t do it. Sorry.

Amibitious ! Yashinteki de Ii jan- All

This title is very hard to write. Why they don’t name it Boys & Girls be ambitious ! >.< Great song. Always sound good int the live.

Oh great. Linlin and Junjun doesn’t sing a line with the other. Great. I think Linlin is much cool when she’s with someone else ! You know, she’s in the shadow when she’s with Junjun because Junjun is more beautiful than her. Hey Linlin ! Gambatte ! You’re so much better than Junjun !

Roman ~My dear boy~- all

Ai, I tell you ! Don’t try to take Yossie’s line -.-‘

Yeah, this time it’s Risa that take Miki’s lines. (Well, when I listen to the sexy 8 beat concert, it was Miki’s lines). She’s doing a better job than Reina !! Really. Her voice is better for Miki’s line. Roman is a good song, and I like it. Really energic.

Can someone tell me why are they putting a sunset on the big screen ? I know, the girl is dancing but ! Hey, we don’t care about this stupid yellow picture !!! We wanna see the girl dance ! -.-‘

Do it now ! – Ai Takahashi

Love the instrumental opening ❤ Love this song. It’s great in concert. But I don’t think it’s a good song for a solo. It so much better when it’s a group that singing it. And the dance is really cool, but alone IT IS NOT !!  You just look stupid. And she really look exhausted, really.

And here they come to save the song ! The rap is a sucess ! Like it. And for the pic, long time no see Aika. She look so cool like that. But she’s smiling. Yeah cool and happy. =)

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Bang~ – All

Ai, don’t try. Even if you do this cool pose,(I got to admit it’s a cool pose and face with attitute, but Yossie would have make it better !) you are unable to do this !! It’s not a song for you ! This was a disaster. And can somebody tell me why Ai is alone to sing Yossie, Abe and Maki’s part ? In the original song, they were three to sing this ! Three of the best Morning Musume Member ever !! You think you can replace the three ? Sorry, you will never be as good and famous as them. The only thing that is great in this performance, it’s Risa’s opening and the Linlin/Risa duo when they sing lalala (But I hate the fact that they were turning around Ai -.-)

Furusato – Sayumi Michishige

Love so much the instrumental opening ❤ It’s almost make me cry. This was not the best song for Sayumi. Her voice is not the best, but It’s one of my favorite performance of this concert.  Sayu put all in heart in this song, She sing with her feeling.  She doing her best and I love her so much for this. In this concert full of Ai, It’s refresing to listen to Sayumi’s beautiful song. She seem to enjoy the performance. And, she’s such a cutie ❤

Outfit and Hair style rate (Sayu’s turn): 5/5 Such a cutie ! Pink again, but I like it ❤

Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago – Eri Kamei

Once again, I love the instrumental intro. This song was great. Great performance of Eri. Her voice is really beautiful and she seem to enjoy her performance.  But Sayumi could have do this and Eri could have done Furusato. (But I’m happy with this too). Eri is really beautiful and talented.

Outfit and hair rate(Eri’s turn): 4/5. Love it. But orange is not the best color for Eri… I think. And I prefer her hair straight.

Memory Seishun ni Hikari – Reina Tanaka

You will be surprise, but I love the instrumental intro ! ❤ I knew Reina will be doing this. It’s a good song for her voice. She really own it.  But I don’t really like the remix of the song. But this was just great. ❤ It was beautiful and sad.

Once again, the ugly thing on your arm make me forget all the beautie of your performance. Really, it’s horrible.

Outfit and hair style (Reina’s turn): 4.5/5. Would have be perfect without those pink earring. I wish I could have earring like that, but they fit with NO costume ! Love her glitters.

Manatsu No Kouen – Risa Niigaki

Love the instrumental intro. I know you know, but I like to say it xD. Such a beautiful voice Rika. I like you. You’re standing there, smiling with your heart (and your mouth too ^^’). I like listen to you, it’s beautiful. I like watching you sing, you seem so happy that I smile with you.  I enjoy watching you because your enjoy sing for us.  But, why does the other have to come? They were all alone and you, you must have them ? I know why. They love to hear you sing, you attract them with your beautiful smile so they come to you. I know it’s ok to them to be there, because you seem more powerful when they’re there. And you shine more.

Oh and love your « domo arigato » at the end ❤ Kawaii !

As for one day – All

Love your intro Sayu. You really put your feeling in it. You look just so sad when everybody is dancing except you. I wanna hug you. THis song is really amazing. I always love Kago’s line in this. Iroppoi Jirettai was fire and this one is water. May be the PV help me to say thaht but yeah… Water. I’m weird, I know !

Oh, Junjun got a solo line ! =O Miracle ! It was a great line, You make a great job of Makoto’s line.

OMG ! Linlin got a solo line too ! Truly a miracle !! But yeah, after Junjun. They’re like glue together or what ? They’re the two chinese I know, but they can sing separatly. But you pawn it Linlin ! And this time, I make sure you were in light and Junjun in shadow =D

Oh Koha, you got Nozomi’s line incredible line « tabbun ». Aika would have make it better, but it was great.  At least, you’re not smiling like a fool =) Like you Koha =P

Summer night town – All

Wait ! WAIT ! MATTE ! MATTE !!  Where is Aika’s solo line in As for one day ? Grr, hate you !!! She sould have make a good job in it !!! Hope she could have one in this song ! Her voice just fit this song. Speak about the song, I really like it ! Old school musume !! ❤

Well, she sing with Linlin. I love this duo. And I’m happy that It’s not Linlin/Junjun duo again.

Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima – Koharu, Aika, Junjun, Linlin

Yeah ! Best performance of this concert! I just love it ❤ So great !

Outfit rate: 4.5/5 Great, except the blue accesory. It doesn’t fit !

Oh Koha, you got Mari’s opening. It’s not as great as her, but you got it. Love your facial expression !!

Such a cutie !!! ❤ She’s smilling the all performance. She really enjoy it. So cute ! Her voice is really perfect for this song !!! =) And your cat smile is too cute :3

Hey ! Nozomi’s line again eh ? It’s ok. I like it. Your voice is not perfect, but you give it your best and smile and enjoy ! It’s great !

Linlin, you’re cute. But I don’t like your hair like that. (After Ai and Aika, now it’s Linlin -.-) You rock ! You’re so energic and genki ! You smile and shine. Love you (But not your big blue hat !)

You’re more older than the three other but it’s ok. You doesn’t look like a 20 years old girl anyways. You look great in this, I like you. Yeah. It was good. Love your little C’mon ! It was funny to see you doing the Hyokkori hyoutanjima move !! =) Really enjoy watching you =P

Morning Coffee – Ai, Reina, Risa, Eri, Sayumi

This is a sweet song and I like to watch it. But after the first chorus, it became a little bit boring. But it’s cute and I enjoy it. And finally, they hide Reina’s horrible thing on her arm. 😀

Medley – Daite HOLD ON ME, Chokkan 2, Sexy boy, Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari and Go Girl Koi no Victory – All

Daite, HOLD ON ME is a great song of Old school Musume ! I really like it ❤ I like Eri long « Aaaahhh » It always been one of my favorite part of the song, don’t really know why.

Weird remix ! But, it’s cool. I really like Chokkan 2, it’s a fun dance =D I always want to dance when I hear it !

Yeah the most easy dance to learn from Momusu ! xD But I don’t really like the mix Chokkan 2 and Sexy boy O_o It’s really weird. But like the song, so catchy ! And I really like the move ! I always like Koharu’s line on this song, I’m sad they dont put it.

Surprise, it’s Ai that got to do it. -.-‘ This song is for everyone. I’m not liking this way ¬¬ I wonder if we can see each version of the member ! I hope so i want to saw each one version. And Ai, once again ! You can take Nozomi « One more time » It’s so lazy compared to her ! Nozomi is the best !

Great song ❤ Love Risa and Aika duo =D THeir voices just fit together !

The Manpower – All

Great song and great performance. I like this song =D It’s so catchy. I love Aika « Homo Sapiens » line. (Weird line by the way O_o Why are they saying this ? Weel, don’t try to understand Tsunku… X.x)

Shabondama – All

Love it ! One of my favorite song of Morning Musume ever ! May be my favorite ❤ I just like it. The line was equal this time ❤ Oh, Koharu got Nozomi’s line again ! I don’t know why they put Koharu to do Nozomi’s line ? O_o What is the link between these two ? Nozomi is so great, the best member Morning Musume ever have. Koharu, well, she’s great. I doesn’t like her at first but now I like her.

Medley – I Wish, Happy Summer Wedding, Koi No Dance Site, Souda ! We’re alive, The Peace & Renai Revolution 21 – All

Weird Intro !

OMG !! Best intro ever !! Aika, you rock !  It was perfect, jus sot cute ❤ Gambatte Aikawaii !! x) Oh, after it’s Koharu. and Linjun combinaison ! Yeah, again *roll eye* I’m happy that the 8ht (and 7th) gen start this song. It’s such a beautiful song ❤

This line is perfect ! Love it ❤ They seem so happy ! Oh, look ! Junjun is alone because Linlin hug Aika and Aika hug Koharu XD

Happy Summer Wedding. It’s the only song I don’t really like of Morning Musume. It’s one of the first song I heard of them and may be I listen to it to much ? But I’m happy Aika and Koha got a solo line ❤

Koi No dance Site ! Such a fun song ! Uh ! Ah ! So fun to dance ! ❤ I like Sayu’s « Yaaahh » !
Costume Rate: 4/5 Great. But I don’t really like the blue/grey.

Yeah Koha, you got muscle =P

Love this song ! It’s great ❤ Love Linlin’s « C’mon! » =D But Junjun’s one wasn’t so great.

Wow ! O_O This was really impressing ! Love it !
Costume rate: 5/5 Love it ! Perfect for The Peace !

The Peace is a great concert song ! One of the best ! I love it so much ❤

My favorite moment of the performance of Peace ! ❤ I always want to know who’s gonna appear and do the peace sign ! v(^o^)v. This time, It was Aika and Reina. These two seem to like each other ! Great pair !
I really enjoy the dance break after !

Hey ! Renai Revolution 21 ! One of the most funniest dance ever ! It’s so fun ❤ Love so much this song !! (Green screen this time ! -.-‘)

Aika want a huggy ! Target 1: Junjun.

Aika want a huggy again ! Target 2: Junjun again ! May be she like Junjun’s huggy ? Make me love Junjun ❤

Koko Ni Iruzee – All

Another great concert song ! Love it. And they’re so much smoke XD Ah ah ! I like Risa scream during the instrumental break XD
Mikan – All

This song is an happy song. Its make me smile so much ❤ But they cut Mittsi’s line T.T
Aruiteru – All

A calm song. They must be so tired ! Gambatte ! ❤ We love you !

Look at Aika and Reina. Their doing peace sign behind Junjun ! So cute and funny ❤

Aika want a huggy ❤ Target 3: Sayumi !
Ai Araba It’s All Right – All

I don’t know why, but I like and dislike this song. O_o So, i won’t make comment about this song.
Costume rate: 2/5. I don’t really like it.

Aika want a huggy. Target 4: Eri ! She’s so cute when she run to Kamei to hug her ❤ And she continue to hug her during Kamei is singing ! Funny, but sooo kawaii ~

Aika want a hug ! Target 5: Koharu ! She really want hug !<3

Aika really want to hug everyone ! Target 6: Kusumi again !
Love Machine – All

Why is it Junjun that’s making the « aaahh » part during the opening ? T.T I want Aika to make it ! Or Linlin ! Yeah ! Linlin would’ve rock it !

Oh wait ! Linlin is doing it too ! Yeah ❤

Risa’s doing the Kaori thing. She got it. But Kaori was the best to do this XD Her face was made for doing this ! Ah ah. Love the song itself. Great for an ending song !

So funny ~!

Yeah ! Aika is doing the Love machine ! The last line of this concert ! =D

In all: Really great concert ! But It can beat the sexy 8 beat one ! ^^

(72 pictures :O This was really long to do !)


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New York ! Yeahhh XD

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Ça faisait un p’tit bout de temps que j’avais pas posté. J’avais pas le temps ! >.< Mais bon, je me reprend. J’ai beaucoup de devoir cette semaine. Plein d’examen surtout. La fin d’année approche ! x) Et bientôt, je vais aller à New York ! Du 21 au 25 mai ! J’ai super hâte =D Ça va être super chouette ! Je suis un peu nerveuse aussi. J’ai peur de me perdre ou whatever. J’ai peur d’avoir mal aux jambes XD Mais bon, je vais m’amuser quand même, ça c’est certain ! Dommage que Maki Goto ne soit pas à New York, j’aurais pu la rencontrer ! Quand j’ai su qu’on pouvait s’inscrire pour le voyage, j’ai tout de suite penser à Aibon car les rumeurs disaient qu’elle était à New York. Ça aurait été super chouette de la rencontré *.* On peux toujours rêvé ! Ou on peu espérer que Maki visite New York en même temps que moi 😀 Et que par hasard, on se voit et magie ! Autographe ! XD M’enfin, on peut toujours rêver !

Hi ! It’s been a long time ! I try to find time to write but I didn’t find ! I had a lot of homework last week. And I got a lot of exam this week ! The end of the school is so near ! 😀 And I go to New York  in 9 days !  Yeah ! I can’t wait !  I’m a little bit nervous too.  I’m affraid to be lost ! Ah ah ! But it will be fun ! I hope Maki Goto could be in trip at New York when I go ! 😀 When I knew that I can go at New York (with school), I think at Aibon. The rumor was saying that she was at NY, so I want so much to meet her ! Oh I must say, I got a speaking exam in English.  My speaking is not so good, but it was so EASY ! XD The subject was: What would you do if.. And you have option like: You found a wallet with 500$ in ! So easy ! Hey, we’re suppose to be enriched english XD !

So this is it, I don’t have so much time >.<

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Morning Musume, Cute and W !

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The last post for the CD =3

Le dernier article sur mes Cds !

Mikan Morning Musume

Yeah ! Mikan ! Version avec mini photobook ! =D Premièrement, Mikan est une excellente chanson entraînante ! Vraiment Genki ! Elle nous donne envie de sourire et de danser ! Top positive ! Bon kyu bon kyu Bomb Girl, la face B, est excellente aussi. Elle donne le goût de danser et elle est trop entraînante ! Et elle reste trop dans la tête ! La couverture est jolie et les filles ont vraiment l’air de s’amuser ! Ensuite, il y a la carte d’un des membres qu’il donnait au hasard. Devinez qui j’ai eu ? Aika Mitsui ! Ma préféré du groupe ! J’étais trop heureuse ! Le mini photobook est originale et très beau ❤

Yeah ! Mikan ! Mini photobook’s version ! First, Mikan is an excellent song ! Very Genki ! =3 She just give me a big smile on my face and I want to dance and be happy ! It’s an happy song ! So positive ! Bon kyu Bon kyu Bomb Girl, the c/w track, is really great too ! I just want to danse when I heard it ! The danse is so fun ! ❤ And this song is always stuck in my head ! The cover is cute. The girls really seem to have fun ! And, there the card give with it. Guess who I got ? Mitsui Aika ! My favorite member of MM ! I was so happy  ! The mini photobook is really great ! They look cute !

Resonant Blue Morning Musume

Cette chanson est tout simplement… Hot, génial, super bonne etc etc ! Je l’aime trop ! Dès que j’ai entendu le radio rip, j’ai capoté ! Je l’adore trop ! C’était sûre et certain que je me le commandais ! Le single est super ! Et l’instrumental aussi ! Je l’aime ! XD La face B est super aussi ! Plus énergique que la première. Un peu comme Mikan ! =P La cover est super belle *.* Mitsui est trop wow  ! Super belle ! J’aurais préféré une des deux covers de l’édition A ou B, mais à la place me suis acheté Miss Love tantei… *roll eye* Et puis, j’avais pas envie de me taper tout le processus pour que je puisse changer la région du dvd et l’écouté ! Mais bon, elle est géniale pareil ! Dommage qu’il n’y aille pas eu de version avec un mini photobook >.<

This song is just so hot ! I looove it ! The second I heard the radio Rip, I love it. It was certain that I was buying it ! This single is juste wooww… ! ❤ The c/w track is more energic and fun ! Like Mikan !  The cover is great. Mitsui is beautiful ❤ I would prefer the cover of the Edition A or B, but I buy Miss Love tantei at the place so… *roll eye* And and do not want to change the region Dvd and copy it.  I’m just sad that they are no version with a mini photobook. The girl look so gorgeous !

Miss Love Tantei W

Ça faisait un p’tit bout que je voulais un Cd de mon groupe favoris, W. [Disons mon deuxième… XD] Il me fallait absolument un single avec Nozomi ! Et quoi de mieux que W ! Et quoi de mieux que ma chanson préféré, Miss love tantei ? Et bien voilà ! Maintenant je l’ai ! Je suis particulièrement contente de l’achat. Miss love tantei est une chanson juste… trop génial ! Et Friendship, la Face B, est totalement incroyable ! Tellement bonne ❤ La couverture est sublime *.* On peut voir Nono et Aibon à trois endroits différents ! Les deux photos à l’intérieur sont génial aussi !

I want a CD of my favorite H!p group (Hum… Second !), long time ago. I absolutely want a Cd with my fabulous Nozomi ! And what’s better than W ?! And what’s better that my favorite W song ?! Nothing at all ! So there it is ! I got it ! I’m really happy ! It was a great idea to buy this single ! Miss Love Tantei is a song just… too good ! I love it so much ! And Friendship, the c/w track, wow ! Fabulous ! Love it really much too ! The cover is fantastic ! We can see Nono and Aibon at three differents places ! (Yeah ! XD) The two photo with the lyric is great too ❤

3rd Love escalation  °C-ute

Tokkaiko Junjou – Ça comme bien./ A great start.

Image Color(Airi & Maimi) – Bonne. Belle voix. Sans plus./ Good. Good voice. But not the best.

Otome Cocoro – Chanson calme et douce. / Calm song. Great.

La la la Shiawase No Uta – Bonne chanson. Mais disons que les lalala finisse par énerver ! Elle reste trop dans la tête ! / Great song but the lalala never finish ! And this song is always stuck in my head !

Homerare Nobiko No Theme song – J’adore ! C’est ma préféré des chansons qui ne sont pas des singles. Elle me fait pensé à Dakishimete Namida des Onkagu Gatas./ Love it ! It’s my favorite non-single song ! Make me think at Dakishimete Namida by Ongaku Gatas.

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu – J’aime bien, mais je l’ai trop écouté alors je suis un peu tannée. Mais elle reste bien parce que toutes les filles chantent !/ Like it. But I listen it to much and I a little bit tired. But it’s a great song beacause all the girl sang !

Sweeeets->->->Live (Chisa, Kanna) – Bizarre ! Je m’attend à une chanson plus énergique ! Surtout avec le titre… C’Est bon quand même ! / Weird ! I was expecting  a fun and catchy song… ! The title just seem fun and happy ! A little bit disappointing, but good.

Sakura Chirari – Bonne chanson. Elle aussi reste trop pris dans la tête ! Saaaaakura Chirari~! / Great song. This one too just stay in my head ! Saaaakura Chirari~ !

Hare no platinum Doori (Saki, Maimai)- Je m’attendais encore à une chanson énergique ! Semblerait bien qu’il préfère les chansons calmes. Bonne, mais sans plus ! Je m’attendais à plus de Maimai !/ I was expecting another energic song ! Seem not. Seem like they prefer calm song. Great. I was expecting more of Maimai !

Do Don Fa Don Ondou (Erika) – J’ai tellement rit la première fois que j’ai entendu cette chanson ! C’était trop bizarre ! Et puis, j’étais fatigué. Fatigue+Nozofan= Rit et pleure en même temps pour rien ! Un vent de fraîcheur sur cette album. Une chanson heureuse. Bizarre mais heureuse. Elle me fait sourire à tout coup ! / The first time I heard this song, I was laughing so hard ! it’s was sooo weird ! And I was like Sleepy. Nozo+Sleepy=Laugh and cry at the same time and for nothing ! Refreshing to have an happy song ! Weird but happy ! She make me smile for sure ! Like it ❤

Enfinnn ! Fini tout mes posts sur mes CDs ! Les prochains post seront plus sur moi =P

Finally ! Finish the post on my Cds ! The next’s one will be more on me =P

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Kaori, Yuko, Miki, Abe

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Encore ! =3 Il me reste deux articles à faire ! Courage !

Again ! Gambatte ! Just two other article to do ❤

Kaori Iida Aegekai Ni Dakarete

Une belle balade de la part de Kaori ! Très slow et calme. Disons que ce n’est pas vraiment mon style, mais c’est bien pareil. Mais la voix de Kaori est très belle *.* Et la couverture est jolie.

A good slow song by Kaori. Very slow and calm. It’s not my style really. But I like it. The covert is great, Kaori is so beautiful on it ! ❤ And her voice is really great *.*

Yuko Nakazawa Tokyo Bijin

Une belle chanson ! Je l’aime plus que celle de Kaori. Encore une chanson calme, mais vraiment jolie. La voix de Yuko est vraiment belle aussi. Jolie couverture aussi. La Face B est bonne aussi. Je suis sure que ma mère l’adorerait ! (Il faut que je lui fasse écouter !) Elle aime ! J’viens de lui faire écouter !

A great song. I like it. More than(then ? I always mixed themp up ! Sorry >.<) Kaori’s one ! A calm song again, but really beautiful ❤ Yuko’s voice is great too. Great cover. The c/w track is great too. I’m sure my mother will love it ! ( I must do it !) Oh, she love it XD ! I just make her listen ^^.

Okeisan to Abe Natsumi Haha to musume no duet song

Trop cute ! J’adore. Vraiment kawaii ! Je pensais que ca allait être vraiment poche, mais c’est bon ! ^^ LKa face B est moins bonne. Plus calme.

So cute ! I love it ! So kawaii. I was thinking of a disaster ! But, it’s good ! The c/w track is more calm.

Miki Fujimoto Boyfriend

J’adore cette chanson. Elle est vraiment bonne. Et Miki chante tellement bien ❤ La deuxième chanson est bonne aussi. Je l’vais déjà entendu dans le Sexy 8 beat concert !

I love this song ! It’s so good ! And Miki sing so good *.* The c/w track is good too. I already listen to it in the Sexy 8 Beat concert !

So, this is all the thing I got from Ebay. The next post will be on the one I receive from yesasia ! Oh and Koharu Kusumi next single will be released on June 16. I can’t wait to hear it. I don’t really like Koharu in Morning Musume but I like her in solo !

Voilà ! C’est tous les Cd que j’ai reçu d’Ebay. Le prochain post va être sur ceux que j’ai reçu de yesasia ! Oh et le prochain single de Koharu va sortir le 16 juin ! J’ai hâte de l’écouter ! J’aime aps trop Koharu dans les morning Musume, mais en soliste, j’adore !

avril 25, 2008

T&C Bomber, Mini Moni, Pucchimoni, Tanpopo

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Voici quatre autres CD.
So there are 4 other CD ! ^^

Pour la voir en gros: Ici<– To see it in big

DON’T STOP Renaichuu – T&C Bomber

J’avais jamais écouté une seule de leur chanson, j’dois avouer ! ^^’ Mais j’aime ! La chanson est vraiment accrochante ! La face B est bonne aussi, mais je préfère dont stop Renaichuu ! L’autre chanson est vraiment bizarre. La première toune est mature et sexy XD ! La deuxième est… on dirait une chanson pour enfant ! C’est bizarre avec les Pleassse take me to youuuu~

I never listen to one of their song. But i like it ! The song is really good ❤ The c/w track is good too, but i prefer dont stop Renaichuu ! The other song is really weird ! The firt is really cool and sexy. The second is … like a child song ! Really weird with the Pleasseee take me to yooou~

Mini Moni Jankyenpon

Super ! J’adore ! ❤ Chanson classique ! J’adore trop ! C’est super d’avoir une chanson avec Nozomi (Ma préféré de tout le H!P) lorsqu’elle était plus jeune ! La deuxième track est chouette aussi ❤ Trop cute comme elle dise Da da da da da Daisuki Da ❤


Great ! I love it ! A classic song ! I love it so much ~ ! It’s really great to have a song with Nozomi (My favorite in all the H!P) when she was more young !) The c/w is really cool too ! Very Minimonish XD It’s so cute when they says Da da da da da Daisuki da ! ❤

seishun jidai 1.2.3 ! – Puchimoni

Bon, mais j’aurais préféré avoir Baby ! Koi No Knock out ! >.< Ou Chokotto love. C’était le seul que je connaissais pas. J’aime bien, c’est un peu plus jazz, mais c’est bon ! ❤ l’autre chanson ressemble à une chanson de foire Oo Mais c’est cool !

So… I would like to have Baby Koi No Knock Out instead. Or Chokotte love. it was the only single that I never heard of pucchimoni. Il like it. It’s more like a jazz song. But it’s great. The other song is great, but weird.

Tanpopo Motto

Super… Sensuel XDDD La chanson est calme et vraiment bien ❤ Mais les ouuuhh aaaah font un peu bizarre XD ! La face b est un peu plus rapide et bonne aussi.

Great… and Sensuel (Don’t know if it’s an english word !) The song is really calm et cool. But the ouuhh, aaaah make it a little bit weird ! The c/w track is more fast. Great too.

Bon alors c’était quatre autres CD ! =3 Je les adore ! ❤ Je suis tellement contente de les avoir reçu ! Demain, je vais au cinéma avec deux de mes amies. J’ai super hâte ! 😉 Oh ! Et savez-vous que le prochain single des Berryz Koubou sortira le 25 juin ?

So, this is it. I love my Cds ❤ I’m so happy to have it ! Tomorrow, i’m going to cinema (Theater?) with two of my friend ! I can’t wait ❤ Oh and do you know that Berryz Koubou newest single will be released the june 25 ? =D

avril 24, 2008

Tanpopo, Melon Kinenbi, Morning Musume, Aoiro 7

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Les quatre premiers CD =D

Pour le voir en gros Ici <– To see it in big !

Tanpopo, Be happy

Dernier single de Tanpopo. Avec Rika, Risa, Konkon et Ayumi Shibata (Lui connait aucune surnom ^^’) Je l’avais déjà entendu (pas au complet) dans les karaoké que les Morning Musume faisait. Je préfère la deuxième chanson, elle est vraiment chouette =3 Le Cd est vraiment beau en rose et blanc. ^^

Last single of Tanpopo before they disbanded. With Rika, Gaki, Konkon and Ayumi Shibata ( I don’t know if she have a nickname). I already have heard a part of the song in a Morning Musume Karaoke video on youtube. I really like the c/w track =3. The CD is really beautiful in withe and pink !

Melon Kinenbi Nikutai wa Shoujiki EROS

Super bon single *.* J’adore la face b du single ❤ Et puis, j’ai eu droit à une petite carte avec. Vraiment joliiie ! Et j’adore les cheveux d’une des filles (Je connais pas son nom >.<)

I love this single, it’s so great ! The second face is really good ❤ I have a little H!P card with it. So cute. And i love the hairstyle of one girl !

Aoiro 7 Aoi Sport Car no Otoko

Super chanson aussi. J’aurais préféré avoir celle de Kiiro 5 mais elle est bonne pareil <3. Et j’ai été surprise d’entendre le Hello ! No theme que j’ai entendu la première fois dans un concert. Un Wonderful Heart ! Chanté par les Hello ! Pro Egg.

Great song too. I would love more to have Kiiro 5, but i like it. I was surprise to heard Hello No theme like c/w track. I first heard it at a Wonderful Heart concert sang by the egg.

Morning Musume Mr. Moonlight Ai No Bang

J’adoooore ❤ J’aime cette chanson et J’adore aussi la deuxième chanson qui est popcorn love ! <3333 Tout ce que j’aime pas c’est le livret avec les paroles, il y a des filles avec des perruques vraiment bizarre !

I looove it ❤ I like the song and I love the c/w track that is popcorn love ! <333 The only thing I dislike is in the booklet. It’s a picture of the girl with weird hair. Like Pink and O_o

Au prochain post 😉

See you to next post !

avril 23, 2008

YEAHHHH !! =D 14 nouveaux CD

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Wow ! Surprise quand j’arrive chez moi, ce que je vois sur le comptoir: Deux colis ! =D J’ai reçu mes deux paquets le même jour ! Un vrai exploit ! L’un vient de Ebay, de l’Ohta store où j’ai gagner un enchère pour 12 CDs.  ^^ (Déjà utilisé, mais c’était vraiment pas cher !) L’autre vient de Yesasia avec mes 4 Cds ! ^w^ J’étais vraiment surprise de recevoir celui de yesasia aussi car habituellement, ça prend de 2 à 3 semaines à arriver ! Et là, ils ont été envoyé le 16 et sont déjà arrivé ! Mais bon, je ne m’en plein pas !

Parlons du premier paquet, celui d’Ebay. Je n’ai pas eu le temps d’est écouter encore (Mais je suis entrain !) Dès que j’en aurai écouté 4, je viendrai faire le compte-rendu. En attendant, je vais vous mettre la liste de ceux que j’ai reçu:

Be Happy koi no yajirobee – Tanpopo

Motto – Tanpopo

– Jankyenpon – Minimoni

– Aoi Sport Car no Otoko – Aoiro 7

Nikutai wa Shoujiki EROS – Melon Kinenbi

seishun jidai 1.2.3 ! – Puchimoni

DON’T STOP Renaichuu – T&C Bomber

– Boyfriend – Miki Fujimoto

– Toyko Bijin – Yuko Nakazawa

-Aegekai ni Dakarete – Kaori Iida

– Haha to Musume no Duet Song – Abe Natsumi avec Okeisan

– Mr. Moonlight  ~Ai No Bang~ – Morning Musume

Le deuxième paquet contenait 4 Cds.

– Resonant Blue – Morning Musume

– Mikan – Morning Musume (Version avec mini photobook)

-Miss Love Tantei – W

– 3rd love Escalation – °C-ute

Je vais faire des posts plus détaillé (probablement ce soir <3)

À plus tard 😛

avril 13, 2008

Nozofan deviens un blog H!P ?

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Bah oui, j’ai pas mal moins de temps pour écrire des articles sur toutes les news qui arrive à une vitesse folle ! Et puis, étant devenue admin sur un forum qui me tient vraiment à coeur, ça m’enlève du temps aussi ! Bref !

Je vais le continuer, mais je vais parler aussi de moi. Donc, un blog personnelle avec en lien, le H!p ^w^ Et tant qu’à y être, je vais commencer maintenant !

Aujourd’hui, on est dimanche. Ça fait tellement du bien de se reposer un peu ! J’ai l’impression que ma semaine à été plutôt chargé ! X.x Mais bon, il me reste tout plein de devoir à faire ! (TT^TT)  <= J’adore ce bonhomme !

Hier, j’ai écouté le Hello ! Project Wonderful Heart Winter 2008 ! Je l’avais téléchargé et j’ai décidé de l’écouter sur la t.v. avec notre super système de son ! C’était vraiment super et wow, la qualité était géniale ! Mais bon, ya mon père qui est arrivé et ensuite ma mère et ils m’ont dérangées tout le long. Emmerdant ! Mais bon, le concert était vraiment super ! J’ai adoré ! ❤ Je vais essayer de l’uploader pour vous un jour 😉 La seule chose que j’ai vraiment détesté, c’est Robokiss avec Risako et Sayumi. Sayumi passe toujours, mais sa voix était vraiment bof ! Moins bonne que d’habitude. (Déjà que sa voix n’est pas la meilleure, c’était pas terrible !) et Risako X.x Je la déteste ! Beurk, c’était… pas digne des W ! Justement, il parait que Nozomi va revenir bientôt ! J’ai hâte !

Donc, voilà pour aujourd’hui ! ^^

mars 30, 2008

Koero Rakuten Eagles & Nanni mo Iwazu Ni I Love You PV

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Les Pv de Koero Rakuten Eagles des °C-ute et Nanimo Iwazu Ni I Love You des V-u-den sont sortit.

Koero Rakuten Eagles

À voir Ici

Le Pv est fort simple, les filles sont habillé en joueuse de baseball et danse. On voit aussi les joueurs de l’équipe des Rakuten Eagles. La chanson est très bien, je l’adore ! Très entrainante ! Bref, à voir ! ^w^

Nanni mo Iwazu Ni I Love You

Le dernier single des V-u-den est intitulé Nanni Mo Iwazu Ni I Love you. C’est une reprise de la dernière chanson du quatrième album des Morning Musume, Ikkimashoi ! (Excellent album en passant ! Le single sortira le 23 avril en deux édition, une normal et une limité.


J’ai trouvé ce PV vraiment triste. C’est vraiment une chanson d’adieu… Le clip est vraiment touchant. Les filles sont très belle et souriante dans leur robe bleue. (Quoi que y’aurait pu avoir mieux en matière de robe) Ensuite, j’adore les bouts qui sont comme un vieux film. On voit vraiment que les filles sont de très bonnes amies et qu’elles s’amusent ensemble. C’est vraiment touchant selon moi ! Sinon, la chanson est vraiment très belle. J’adorais déjà cette chanson depuis que je l’ai entendu dans le quatrième album et je trouve ça chouette que les v-u-den le reprenne. J’ai presque envie de l’acheter ! ^^’

mars 29, 2008

Namida No Iro & Resonant Blue Cover

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Les couvertures des singles Namida No Iro des °C-ute et Resonant Blue des Morning Musume ont été révélés.

Celle de gauche est l’édition A. Son Dvd contient une autre version du clip.

Celle du milieu est l’édition B. Son Dvd contient des leçons en studio.

Finalement, celle de droite est la version normale.

Pour les voir en plus gros: Version A Version B Version normale

Le single sortira le 16 avril 2008.

Namida No Iro

Celle de gauche est la version limité et celle de droite est la normale.
Version Limitié Version normale
Le single sortira le 23 avril 2008.
Voici la tracklist:
01. Namida no Iro
02. Darling I LOVE YOU (°C-ute ver.)
03. Namida no Iro (Instrumental)

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